For the first time in over thirty years, Angels Vet Express has had to turn away animals for spay and neuter and is in danger of closing its doors due to a lack of veterinarians. We are currently reaching out to all animal rescue organizations, no kill shelters, animal activists, and celebraties in our dire efforts to find a compassionate veterinarian. Apply Now!

Mshoogys Animal Rescue extended its operation to Angels Vet Express thirteen years ago when our local veterinarian retired, leaving us with no veterinary services for our 1,200 rescued animals. We soon realized the public’s desperate need for high quality veterinary care at a low cost so we applied our retail and manufacturing business experience to the veterinary business.

Angels Vet Express spays and neuters 10,000 animals per year and is also responsible for the health of approximately 100,000 animals per year. We are the only veterinary operation within the United States that does what we do and also one of the largest volumes in the U.S. Angels makes it possible for more than thirty rescue organizations and Puppies for Parole Programs at state prisons to operate by providing our services and supplying them with medical supplies. We also provide free medical care to all the sick animals from the local animal shelter, including all their wildlife.

We’ve been called the “Saint Jude’s for Animals” and have been acknowledged by the Missouri Senate for the economic and humanitarian benefit we have brought to northwest Missouri.

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