ANIMALS: People provide love, toil

The following is an excerpt from the Kansas City Star:

“Mshoogy’s is well-known among animal people,” Merritt Clifton, editor of Animal People said. “I know people who have traveled there to see how they do it. The Silverglats set their shelter up without any help from anyone. It’s a mode for how a no-kill operation should be.

“They are the largest no-kill facility outside of Utah and Texas. No one else compares to what they’re doing It’s also extraordinary that they’re doing it themselves.”

Other no-kill shelters in the United States include the late Cleveland Armory’s Black Beauty Ranch in Texas and a shelter called Best Friends in Utah.

“But neither of those places rescues animals themselves. Gary and Lisa do,” Clifton said. “Their kind of lifestyle commitment is very much like monks and nuns, bordering on a spiritual occupation.”

Witnessing the traumas of animals has made the Silverglats intolerant of lukewarm help from others. They acknowledge that they are zealots.

“I can’t explain why we do this.” Lisa said. “Even the meanest, rottenest, whatever dog that no one else can get near will still come over to me. I don’t know why or how, but we connect with them. We just love animals, and they love us back. I guess we’re obsessed.”


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